Industrial Threat Detection & Response

What Is Industrial Threat Detection & Response?

Industrial threat detection is the practice of analyzing both asset and network information to identify malicious or anomalous activity that could impact operational continuity. If a threat is detected, teams then align and execute their response efforts using actionable data from a threat detection solution.

Why Is Industrial Threat Detection & Response Important?

Today’s complex threat landscape demands a holistic approach to cybersecurity. While prevention techniques can help companies protect their facilities from cyberattacks, they aren’t 100% effective, making accurate and fast threat detection and response essential to minimizing the potential impacts of an attack or operational issue.           


In addition to implementing prevention best practices, threat detection and response, are both critical elements of a strong ICS cybersecurity program. For industrial operators, a good industrial security solution should detect both cyberattacks and operational anomalies, while also providing contextual information, like threat intel and playbooks, to improve incident response times.

Benefits of Our Industrial Threat Detection Solution

Nozomi Networks Dashboard The dashboard provides a customizable view of the network and security status, putting essential information at your fingertips.

Nozomi Networks proactively identifies both cyber and operational threats to ensure resilience across all your sites and plants.

Accurate, Comprehensive Threat Detection

Our solution immediately baselines and profiles every device and its behavior, including process variables, to quickly pinpoint abnormal activities. We also curate Threat and Asset Intelligence subscriptions to enhance your threat detection capabilities with the newest IOCs. These feeds are delivered continuously in near real-time.

Nozomi Networks detects a wide range of risks, including:

Assets with vulnerabilitiesBad configurations (NTP/DNS/DHCP, etc.)
Cleartext or weak passwordsCorrupted OT packets
Device state changeIP conflicts
New connections to the enterprise networkNew connections to the Internet
New communicationsNew nodes
Policy violationsNew remote access
Open ports on assetsNon-responsive asset
Unauthorized cross level communicationUnencrypted communications (Telnet)


Faster Incident Response

Nozomi Networks reduces forensic efforts and speeds response time. Our advanced industrial network monitoring identifies cybersecurity and operational incidents, while our playbooks for alert remediation suggestions and guidance provide the contextual information you need to remediate risks fast.

See Our Solution in Action

Dashboards and content packs are extremely useful and customizable features of Nozomi’s platform. Learn how to use them to tackle the security and operational challenges that matter most to your team. We include tips for customizing your dashboards, sharing data internally, and how to import content packs into a dashboard. Join us for a quick view into what makes them so great!

Advanced Cyber Threat & Risk Detection

Vantage delivers advanced cyber risk identification capabilities that help you uncover operational threats in real-time.

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