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The Leader in OT & IoT Security and Visibility

Unlock visibility across OT, IoT, and IT for
accelerated security and digital transformation.


All OT and IoT assets and
behavior on your networks
for unmatched awareness


Cyber threats, vulnerabilities,
risks and anomalies for
faster response


Security, visibility and
monitoring across all your
assets for improved resilience

Nozomi Networks Integrates with ServiceNow
New Vantage Features

Vantage Update: Delivering a New Level of Prioritized Actionable Intelligence for OT/IoT Networks

Enhancements include customized playbooks for precise response, and vulnerability assessment scores that help security teams quickly execute high-impact remediation steps.

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Nozomi Networks Integrates with ServiceNow
New Case Study

European Heating Supply Company Monitors Over 200 Sites With a Single Device

Learn how a large Nordic heating supply company uses Nozomi Networks to cost-effectively gain visibility into all activities and prepare for anticipated security regulations.

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A SANS 2021 Survey: OT/ICS Cybersecurity

A SANS 2021 Survey: OT/ICS Cybersecurity

Read the latest findings on OT/ICS cybersecurity in the Nozomi Networks-sponsored SANS 2021 survey.

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Market Leadership Validated With New $100M Investment

Market Leadership Validated With New $100M Investment

Nozomi Networks secures $100 million investment from global ecosystem of customers and technology partners. Pre-IPO round led by growth investor Triangle Peak Partners.

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New Research: OT/IoT Security Report
New Research

New Research: OT/IoT Security Report

Protect your operations with new insights into fighting ransomware and IoT vulnerabilities, along with actionable recommendations for securing your operational systems. Read the executive summary or full 40-page report.

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Embrace Cloud-based OT/IoT Cybersecurity Now with Vantage

Embrace Cloud-based OT/IoT Cybersecurity Now with Vantage

“Vantage delivers security and visibility via a cloud-based platform designed to fully unleash the power of digital transformation.” Find out more.

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in Key Industries

Securing the World’s Largest Organizations

Operational Technology Security*

Client quotes

The Guardian appliance is powerful, their team is skilled, they solved our problem.

Nozomi has provided a high level of customer service and expertise throughout our procurement and implementation process. Their sales, engineering, and support teams are excellent and their product is best in class.

Innovative, easy to implement and even easier to maintain.

From POC to implementation Nozomi has been quick to answer questions, provide feedback, and extensive support … Guardian is feature rich and Nozomi offers many different solutions for all aspects of our OT environment…

Once you try Nozomi and its rich feature set you cannot imagine operating without it!

Nozomi hands down wins the evaluations … the Nozomi platform was able to pick out and properly categorize more L2 devices than any other tool in the market place.

This product keeps its promises.

Guardian gives us precise alerts, with almost no false positives. Real events are clearly visible with the risk level indicator, making it easy to decide when and how to react.

Ease of deployment, behavioural baselining, visibility and granular asset inventory.

Nozomi won hands down in terms of key features … The superb support and technical know-how provided by their Lead Engineer … [was] a key deciding factor.

Nozomi Networks is the leader in OT and IoT security and visibility. We accelerate digital transformation by unifying cybersecurity visibility for the largest critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, building automation and other OT sites around the world.


Devices Monitored

Our innovation and research make it possible to tackle escalating cyber risks through exceptional network visibility, threat detection and operational insight.

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Partnering to Optimize
OT and IoT Security

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Deeply Aligned with
Trusted OT/IoT/IT Partners


Industrial Strength
OT and IoT Security and Visibility

The Nozomi Networks solution is deployed in a wide variety of mixed environments for rapid asset discovery, network visualization and accelerated security.

Cloud based OT, ICS, and IoT Protection Diagram with Vantage


Threat intelligence sharing

U.S. v. Cyber Criminals: Critical Infrastructure Edition

With all of the high-profile cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and subsequent press coverage, it’s great to see the U.S. government step in and help identify some key guidelines and recommendations. The sharing of threat intelligence is a key government action...
vulnerabilities affecting patient monitoring

Five New Vulnerabilities Disclosed in Patient Monitoring Systems

Nozomi Networks Labs discloses five vulnerabilities affecting attack surfaces on a Philips patient monitoring solution. Solutions from other vendors may have similar vulnerabilities.

IBM Security Expands its MSSP for OT and IIoT with Nozomi Networks

Many industrial organizations with critical infrastructure—including those in transportation and manufacturing verticals—find that after obtaining a budget for OT monitoring and cybersecurity, their problem is not solved. They’re now faced with managing the...


In the World of Unsecure IoT – Is Privacy Dead?

S2 E9 | PODCAST — NOVEMBER 18, 2021In the World of Unsecure IoT – Is Privacy Dead? Join our esteemed panel of experts who are covering data privacy across IoT devices, smart cities and IoT infrastructure – who says privacy is dead?

Understanding the risks to Operational Technology (OT) – Podcast

S2 E8 | PODCAST — OCTOBER 7, 2021Understanding the risks to Operational Technology (OT) Gain a better understanding of the gap between OT and IT – hear what our experts are saying about security, visibility and convergence.

Defending Smart Cities from Cyber Threats – Podcast

S2 E7 | PODCAST — AUGUST 19, 2021Defending Smart Cities from Cyber Threats Join us as we embark upon a journey to secure our digital cities, including foundational technologies as CCTV’s. CCTV’s are used in local government, utilities, transportation systems,...


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Closing the IoT Security Gaps With Nozomi Networks Executive Brief

Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations

Executive Brief - Integrating OT into IT/OT SOCs

Integrating OT into IT/OT SOCs

The Cost of OT Cybersecurity Incidents and How to Reduce Risk Executive Brief

The Cost of OT Cybersecurity Incidents and How to Reduce Risk

Advancing ICS Visibility and Cybersecurity

Advancing ICS Visibility and Cybersecurity

Nozomi Networks is the leader in IoT and OT security

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