The Latest Nozomi Networks’ Platform Enhancements and Updates

The Latest Nozomi Networks’ Platform Enhancements and Updates

Nozomi Networks’ solutions are continuously enhanced with new features and functionalities to meet our customers’ needs. We are excited to announce the latest additions to Vantage, and the release of our on-premises OS version 24.0.0 which includes enhancements to Guardian, Remote Collector, and the Central Management Console (CMC).

With the latest additions to Vantage, our SaaS solution, and to our on-premise OS version 24.0, our customers will realize the full potential of the industry-leading centralized management improvements designed to help Enterprise users increase efficiency and save money over time. Below, we highlight some of these key new features, and be sure to watch the related video from Marty the OT Guy covering these updates as well.

Centralized Management Improvements in Vantage

  • Ease of navigation to local sensors – the UI of any local sensor can now be accessed from Vantage with a single click. 
  • Ability to modify synchronization frequency – users can change the frequency at which sensors sync data with Vantage. 
  • Alerts enhancements:
    • Local sensors now send files that trigger malicious file alerts to Vantage for easy access and can be securely downloaded for deeper analysis
    • Local sensors now allow Vantage users to modify alert rules used for continuously increasing operation efficiency 
  • Playbooks that allow organizations to drive consistent incident handling by local sensor users can now be managed from Vantage. 
  • Multiple local sensors can now be configured in bulk from Vantage using a vast array of CLI commands 
  • Local sensor information aggregated by a CMC and shared with Vantage users now include  links, sessions, and nodes 
The UI of any local sensor can now be accessed from Vantage with a single click.

Enhanced Asset Intelligence for Improved Asset Enrichment 

Last year we announced our shift to AI-based Asset Intelligence. The first stage of this improvement targeted Vantage users. Now we are bringing it to our on-premises users as well. Starting with v24.0, the improvements in the new AI-based Asset Intelligence will be made available for on-premises users periodically so this change can bring significant visibility and monitoring benefits to all users. 

Increased Local Sensor Efficiency 

We’ve enhanced  local sensors' traffic processing capacity   so you can boost efficiency relative to cost. This scalability feature can be applied on both physical and virtual deployments, enabling a single sensor to handle larger traffic volumes instead of distributing the load across multiple sensors. This offers more versatility to meet diverse user needs. 

Data Diode Support 

Data diodes provide a way to safely send information out of secure environments for multiple purposes, including centralized management and aggregation. Environments leveraging data diodes into their architectures can now be monitored with local sensors. This is accomplished leveraging the new automatic backup and restore mechanisms that can be scheduled to occur on recurring basis, to share all local sensor information across the data diode and have also have it aggregated by the Central Management Console and Vantage for improved visibility across the enterprise.

Environments leveraging data diodes  can now be monitored with local sensors, leveraging new automatic backup and restore mechanisms.

Arc: Simplifying Deployment and FIPS Compliance 

Arc’s ability to be deployed and managed from a centralized location has been further simplified, lowering its TCOE for system administrators. One of the ways this is achieved is by offering Arc in the Microsoft Software Installer format which results in a completely automated installation of Arc and eases its management just like any other Windows OS application listed on the Control Panel.

Additionally, Arc is now FIPS compliant, enabling Federal users to take advantage of all of Arc’s features and benefits.  

Alerts Based on System Conditions

The new Variable Correlation Engine enables users to set alerts based on the status of different variables. Whether you want to alert users of potential spoofing when the speed variable on a train shows movement while the GPS position isn’t changing, or only alert users once multiple conditions reach a threshold, alerts can now be configured based on complex relationships between the variables in any given process.  

Set alerts based on the status of different variables with the new Variable Correlation Engine.

Confidently Enforce Compliance with Content Packs 

Content packs bundle queries, reports, Playbooks, and dashboards into a single file for easy distribution to teams. They can be edited and applied across various systems, which is particularly handy for intricate reporting needs like government compliance or targeted threat detection. Nozomi Networks released a number of new Content Packs that will help administrators save time and address their compliance requirements with confidence and consistency.

Download our newly released content packs: 

To learn more about the enhancements in release version 24.0.0, please contact your Nozomi Networks representative.  

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