Using AI to Enhance Asset Intelligence

Using AI to Enhance Asset Intelligence

With our relentless drive for innovation and the fine-tuning of our products, Nozomi Networks stands at the forefront of addressing the needs of customers in the industrial sector. Our recent advancements in Asset Intelligence are a prime example. Asset Intelligence initially focused on alert reduction. Now, thanks to the power of AI, machine learning, and expert systems, it consistently observes changes in OT and IoT networks, pinpointing asset behavior anomalies stemming from cyber threats and maintenance irregularities. We have reached an important milestone with our improved AI engines; we broadened our asset categorization, effectively classifying assets by Type, Vendor, and Product Name.

But we didn’t stop there – the journey towards better cybersecurity solutions continued. Vantage customers will receive key enhancements in their Asset Intelligence subscription today.

Enhanced Asset Classification Using AI Models

Our latest upgrades have further empowered Asset Intelligence to analyze the environment for assets by starting off with reliable data from confirmed assets. Taking into account the data and traits of these confirmed assets, Asset Intelligence seeks out similar assets in the environment that are not confirmed. This process harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), scanning MAC addresses, parsing protocols, and monitoring ports. When an unconfirmed asset aligns with these criteria, details such as Type, Vendor, and Product names are populated accordingly.

In a bid to streamline cybersecurity measures, Nozomi Networks constructed an exhaustive Asset Intelligence database brimming with asset mapping information. This information is delivered in the form of a feed to customers’ devices.

Asset mapping
Asset mapping information in our Asset Intelligence database.

Use Asset Intelligence in Vantage for Improved Asset Enrichment

Harnessing the power of the cloud, enhanced Asset Intelligence is now accessible to all Vantage customers.

Leveraging new AI models allows us to rapidly expand and grow our Asset Intelligence database. Some users have reported an impressive average increase of 50-70% in the classification of Types, Vendors, and Products after activating this feature in Vantage. In addition to providing an understanding of on-site assets, it streamlines and reduces deployment time in many settings.

To enable this feature, admins simply need to navigate to Administration -> Features and select the 'Enable Asset Intelligence Enrichment Engine' option. Looking forward, we are planning a release that will extend Asset Intelligence Enrichment Engine functionality to Guardian/on-premise environments.

Vantage Asset Intelligence features
Enabling the Asset Intelligence Enrichment Engine with the Vantage Asset Intelligence subscription.

You can learn more about Asset Intelligence by contacting your Nozomi Networks Account Manager.