Enhanced Product Security Incident Response Reduces Customer Risk

Enhanced Product Security Incident Response Reduces Customer Risk

Nozomi Networks is quickly expanding to serve more and more industrial, critical infrastructure and operational technology sectors in countries around the globe.

Along with this expansion, we have invested deeply to ensure that we follow best practice technology processes. Our products are ISO 9001: 2015 certified and we have solid, defined procedures for managing our own product vulnerabilities.

For example, our Support Portal provides customers with information on vulnerabilities and potential security issues and related release notes.

Today we’re moving a step further by making Nozomi Networks Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) contacts and security bulletins publicly available.

PSIRT Immediately Addresses Potential Vulnerabilities

Nozomi Networks takes the responsibility of securing our products seriously. When security researchers discover a potential vulnerability in one of our products that could expose organizations to security risk, PSIRT coordinates with the engineering team to identify an appropriate remediation.

This can be in the form of a software update and/or a workaround. Since releasing information about a potential vulnerability while a fix is still in development could expose customers to risk, we tightly control information about the issue until a remediation is available.

Once a solution is available, we notify our customers about the potential security vulnerability and update the Security Portal webpage.

Protecting Our Customers from Security Risk is Our Top Priority

Our company is passionate about helping our customers achieve their security and business objectives. Whether clients need fast product enhancements, on-site engineering support, or rapid deployment across continents, we deliver. Our relationships deepen over time, and we become a trusted partner. It is rewarding to see so many positive customer comments in our Gartner Peer Insights reviews.

Product security and fast, effective vulnerability response is part of our customer commitment. The transparency we are introducing today further enhances our processes and contributes to protecting our customers’ critical systems from security risk.

Contact the Nozomi Networks PSIRT team at:
prodsec@nozominetworks.com with GPG key0xD7C68EC4E740AF59.