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We are honored to announce that Frost & Sullivan has recognized Nozomi Networks as its 2019 Global Enabling Technology Leader in Industrial Cyber Security.

Each year, the research firm presents this award to the company it deems has demonstrated “best-in-class” understanding of market demand, brand building, and competitor differentiation. Enabling Technology Leadership Award winners are independently evaluated for two key factors – Technology Leverage and Customer Impact.


Nozomi Networks has received the 2019 Global Enabling Technology Leader in Industrial Cyber Security award from Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan Analyst Danielle VanZandt has followed Nozomi Networks, our competitors and the broader ICS cyber security market closely over the last few years. With this award, the firm has recognized us not only for our cyber security technology leadership, but for the company we keep with respect to partners and customers.

“As the industrial Internet of Things continues to grow, so do cyber security threats, requiring critical infrastructure organizations to secure their industrial control system (ICS) adequately. Nozomi Networks provides clients with its disruptive artificial intelligence-enabled ICS cyber security solutions that offer revolutionary operational visibility and secure remote access.


The company’s robust partner network and open API infrastructure enable Nozomi Networks to provide seamless IT and OT integration with third-party technologies and innovative solutions; this strategy, combined with best ICS practices, delivers customer loyalty and satisfaction. With its strong overall performance, Nozomi Networks earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award in the industrial cyber security solutions industry.”


Frost & Sullivan, 2019 Global Enabling Technology Leader in Industrial Cyber Security Report

Award Validates Our Focus on Extraordinary Customer Care

The criteria for this award represent many of the pillars upon which our company was founded, and acknowledges our early, strong and growing leadership in the market. Most importantly to me, it validates that our most important goal – putting customers first, is paying off – not just for Nozomi Networks, but also for the long-term security and safety of critical infrastructure and industrial networks around the world.

In 2013, a small team of ‘Nozomiers’ working out of a tiny office in Mendrisio, Switzerland launched a company with an OT-focused approach, challenging the IT-driven norm. Today, our team has grown to almost 100 deeply dedicated people, working side-by-side with partners and customers around the world on some of the toughest challenges in ICS cyber security.

Over the last few years, we’ve delivered a number of innovations to the industry including:

  • An AI-powered ICS visibility and cyber security solution
  • A single application for network visualization, asset inventory, vulnerability assessment and ICS threat detection
  • An OT monitoring solution with an Open API
  • Hybrid ICS threat detection, combining behavior-based anomaly detection with rules-based detection
  • An ICS cyber security platform for MSSPs
  • A choice in deep ICS network visibility, with a passive-only approach or a passive plus ICS-safe active approach
  • An OT monitoring solution with a supporting OT Threat Feed
  • A container-based delivery model for embedded deployment and efficiency

We now provide deep real-time network visibility and ICS cyber security monitoring to more than 1,000 installations across five continents. We have discovered and blocked hundreds of threats; and, working intimately with customers and partners, made dozens of responsible disclosures, including seven ICS certs. This is only the beginning. There is still much more to do.

Moving Towards a Brighter Future for Industrial Cyber Security

However, receiving this award today seems like a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come alongside the customers and partners who are truly leading the industry. To them all, we say ‘Thank You’. We are glad you’ve joined us on this journey to create a brighter future for OT and cyber security.

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