GE Power Selects Nozomi Networks for Advanced ICS Cyber Security

GE Power Selects Nozomi Networks for Advanced ICS Cyber Security

We’re excited to tell you that GE and Nozomi Networks have joined forces to provide our advanced cyber security solution to power utilities and critical infrastructure operations around the world. Our global agreement gives GE Power customers immediate access to our leading real-time ICS visibility, network monitoring and cyber security solutions.

Teaming up with GE accelerates our ability to reach electricity asset owners everywhere. More importantly, it also fast-tracks cyber risk reduction for the global power supply, which has been increasingly targeted by cyber threats.

Cyber Attacks on Energy Infrastructure Are Increasing

Over the last few years, attacks on energy infrastructure have increased greatly. You likely know of the power outages in Ukraine in both 2015 and 2016 that were caused by cyber attacks. Cyber threats are keeping energy and government leaders around the world awake at night. And with good reason, the World Economic Forum now lists power system cyber threats as one of the top risks to safely functioning societies, economic stability and business continuity.

To improve cyber resiliency, many utilities are evaluating options for augmenting the cyber security of their industrial control system (ICS) networks. One fundamental security best practice is having real-time visibility into cyber security attacks, risks and incidents.

Five years ago, the technology to deliver such visibility for large, heterogeneous, high availability industrial systems did not exist. Today, the Nozomi Networks solution provides visibility and cyber security to the energy industry and is currently used in 500+ hydro generation facilities, 400+ gas distribution substations, and 300+ electrical substations around the world.

“Cyber incidents are inevitable in today’s world. It’s our job to understand what is most important to the business and manage the risk. If an incident does happen, proper response is key in determining the level of impact it will have on your business. Now, as cyberthreats against energy and other critical infrastructure industries continue to rise, our customers are asking for advanced solutions to monitor and detect cyberattacks against their OT networks.”

-Teresa Zielinski, SVP, CISO, GE Power Security

GE is a major supplier to power operators and the world leader in gas turbine technology for electricity production. Its 10,000-plus heavy-duty turbines offer cost-effective ways to convert fuel into electricity, while high reliability reduces costs and maximizes profitability for GE customers.

Nozomi Networks + GE Power – Delivering Innovative Cyber Security Solutions to the Electricity Industry

GE is getting ahead of the cyber security curve by working with Nozomi Networks. Under the new global reseller agreement, GE customers gain access to the industry’s best ICS threat detection, asset discovery and real-time OT network monitoring. Our solution offers GE customers:

  • Automatic tracking of industrial assets and visibility into their cyber security risks
  • Continual monitoring of ICS networks and processes with real-time insights
  • Central or remote security for large, distributed industrial networks
  • Rapid, automated detection of cyber threats/risks and process anomalies
  • Significantly-reduced troubleshooting and forensic efforts
  • Easy integration with and sharing of ICS information with IT/OT environments

Our deep knowledge of the complexities of power generation and grid networks has made the Nozomi Networks suite the most comprehensive, scalable, and mature cyber security solution line for the sector. That, combined with our real-world success in providing ICS cyber security support to hundreds of energy installations worldwide, makes us the perfect choice for GE Power.

Reseller Agreement Extends to GE Customers Worldwide

Nozomi Networks and GE are actively working together to ensure that GE Power customers can take advantage of the leading solution for real-time cyber security and ICS network visibility. The global reseller agreement also makes it very easy for customers across all GE divisions to deploy our cyber security solution quickly and cost-effectively.

“We are proud to work with GE to provide the deep expertise and OT-focused technologies that their customers require. GE’s customers include energy and industrial operators in more than 180 countries around the world, many with immediate and long term needs for protection against advanced ICS security threats.”

-Edgard Capdevielle. CEO,  Nozomi Networks

We are pleased to be working with the GE team to support customers across all industries and regions. If you’re interested in seeing how Nozomi Networks can help secure your GE-powered operations, contact us for demo.