Introducing Vantage – Our New SaaS Product for OT & IoT Security

Introducing Vantage – Our New SaaS Product for OT & IoT Security

Today I’m extremely proud to introduce you to Vantage, our new SaaS product for OT and IoT security. It leverages the power and simplicity of the cloud to deliver unmatched security and visibility across your OT, IoT, and IT networks. With Vantage, you can now centrally manage any number of devices and protect any number of locations, from anywhere in the world.

Vantage provides the unlimited scalability needed to easily monitor vast numbers of OT and IoT devices, and keep up with rapidly changing environments. It delivers the computing power required to perform high volume analytics to identify threats and anomalies in network activity aggregated from facilities around the world. Vantage also lowers costs by reducing the complexity of deployment, while Nozomi Networks’ extensive strategic partner ecosystem speeds integration with existing security tools and infrastructure.

Driven by Our Customers

Based on conversations with our customers about their long-term plans, we knew it was time to create a simpler option for monitoring OT and IoT security at sites around the world. We have always been committed to giving our customers the tools they need to protect their unique environments, and have evolved our product line several times to meet that commitment. For example, our deployment options already include physical, virtual, container, edge and cloud appliances, as well as perpetual, subscription and enterprise licensing.

Nevertheless, some of our enterprise customers told us they wanted another option because they were already using SaaS applications in other parts of their operations. They wanted us to create a SaaS product that offered the scalability, speed of integration with other technologies, ease of deployment, and lower costs they experienced in their other SaaS applications. In fact, Gartner predicts that “By 2025, 55% of large enterprises will successfully implement an all-in cloud SaaS strategy.”1 That’s why we built Vantage – for organizations that are ready to leverage the cloud for improved OT and IoT security.

Not Ready to Embrace SaaS Yet?

We know that not everyone is ready to embrace a SaaS-based security architecture. Each organization is at a different point on their digital transformation journey, and there are many factors that come into play when deciding when it’s right for you. Rest assured; you don’t need to move to Vantage – it’s an option that’s ready if and when you are. You still have the same ability to protect your network using our on-premises and public-cloud-based architectures that you had before.

Vantage dashboard
Customizable Nozomi Networks Vantage dashboard delivers the specific insights you need to ensure cyber resilience.

Vantage Reflects Our Commitment to Customer Success

Something else I’m very proud of is the way the Nozomi Networks product and engineering teams stayed focused on delivering Vantage, in spite of the challenges caused by the global pandemic.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised by how the team worked together while apart, to overcome the many obstacles. Innovation is at the heart of who we are. We’re obsessed with helping our customers be successful, and we believe that’s one of the main reasons they trust us with their OT/IoT security needs.

Limited Availability of Vantage Right Now

Vantage is an entirely new product, and we want to be sure that it delivers the high quality customers and partners have come to expect from Nozomi Networks. Therefore, we’re limiting access to a select group of customers at this time. This will allow us to gather extensive feedback across different industries and network environments before making it generally available.

Join Us On the SaaS Security Journey

We’d like you to be a part of our journey, whether you’re a potential customer or just someone interested in receiving occasional updates on our progress as we approach the general availability of Vantage. Simply complete the form below and you’ll stay up-to-date on how this new product is a game-changer for OT and IoT security.

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  1. CIOs Flip for Cloud SaaS, Janelle Hill, Chief of Research and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, 2016