Leonardo Partnership Boosts Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security

Leonardo Partnership Boosts Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security

A quick look at news from around the world highlights the importance of effective cyber defense. Recently, the US House of Representatives put forward a bill designed to help Ukraine reduce its cyber security vulnerability, following the 2017 attacks on its national bank, state power company and airport. Israel Electric Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Polish government-run power grid operator PSE to expand their ability to use cyber technology to secure critical infrastructure. And, in what is known as a “cryptojacking” attack, an unauthorized cryptocurrency mining malware was deployed on a European water utility control system for three weeks before being detected.

Power grids, transportation systems and other critical industrial infrastructure are the backbone of life — without them world economies would quickly come to a screeching halt. That’s why the partnership between global aerospace, defense and security leader Leonardo, and Nozomi Networks is so timely.

Leonardo’s Cyber Security Program Is Enhanced with the Nozomi Networks Solution

If you’re not familiar with Leonardo, you may be surprised by the breadth of its products and services. It’s a global high-tech company headquartered in Italy, and it plays a significant role in building and protecting the industrial infrastructure of Europe and beyond. The organization employs over 45,000 people across seven divisions — from helicopters and defense, to security and information systems. Indeed, Leonardo’s products, systems and services are used in 150 countries around the world.

In terms of cyber security, Leonardo provides critical national infrastructure (CNI) organizations with comprehensive assistance. Its approach covers the entire lifecycle of cyber security programs including:

  • Security governance
  • Assessment and design of digital infrastructures
  • The adoption of specific technologies for SCADA/ICS protection
  • The design and operation of industrial security operations centers
  • Cyber threat intelligence systems

Defending critical infrastructure against inevitable cyberattack has always been of utmost importance to the Cyber Security and ICT (Information Communications Technology) Solutions teams at Leonardo. “The cyber threat to critical infrastructure, industrial systems and operational technology networks is at an all time high, thus generating growing customer demand for better protection,” said Andrea Biraghi, Managing Director of Leonardo’s Security & Information Systems Division.

Partnering with Nozomi Networks to better ensure the security of their customers’ systems, networks and applications, makes perfect sense. It allows Leonardo to provide integrated infrastructure and best-in-class cyber security technology that offers more effective detection and reaction capabilities.

Shared Focus on Industrial Cyber Security Innovation and Research

Leonardo has led the advancement of security threat solutions for years by collaborating with universities, national institutions and partners to integrate best-of-breed technologies.

The Company was interested in partnering at a global enterprise level, to deliver more effective cyber security capabilities to their customers. They were impressed with the maturity of our 3rd generation cyber security and industrial control system (ICS) solution, and deep expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Plus, we had consistently been winning enterprise accounts like Italian multinational electricity and gas manufacturer and distributor, Enel.

Our comprehensive cyber security platform, extensive knowledge of the complexities of ICS networks, continuous innovation and scalability were the ideal match for Leonardo’s needs. Together, our offerings significantly expand industrial organizations’ ability to proactively defend their local and national critical infrastructure against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Short and Long-Term Benefits for Critical National Infrastructure Operators

“We’ve partnered with Nozomi Networks because they provide the strongest possible solution when it comes to detecting anomalies early and proactively, preventing threats within our customers’ environments.”

Andrea Biraghi, Managing Director of Leonardo’s Security & Information Systems Division

Leonardo is partnering with us to provide deep network visibility, passive monitoring and continuous threat detection capabilities to their comprehensive Cyber Protection Program for Industrial and Critical National Infrastructures.

The new relationship has plenty of room for expansion, thanks to our Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) solution and Open API functionality, which supports integration with a broader range of offerings. We look forward to working closely with the team at Leonardo to protect critical infrastructure around the world.