Meet Guardian Community Edition - a Free Tool for OT & IoT Security

Meet Guardian Community Edition - a Free Tool for OT & IoT Security

Update: Guardian Community Edition was retired in October 2023.

Two things are rocking the OT/IoT security world. First, digital transformation has led to interconnectivity between OT, IoT and IT devices, expanding the threat landscape and creating big security gaps. Second, OT and IT responsibilities are converging faster than expected, increasing the need for consolidated visibility across all devices.

We’ve always believed that security begins with visibility – you can’t protect what you can’t see. Yet, we still hear from CIOs, CISOs and OT/IT security teams that this is one of their biggest challenges.

In a recent Proof of Concept, our customer thought they had about 3,000 devices on their network. Within minutes, the Nozomi Networks solution found over 15,000 devices – demonstrating that even with a team of security experts and a big security budget, visibility into OT and IoT is still an issue.

Without an easy way to accurately inventory these critical assets, security teams can’t answer three fundamental questions that form the backbone of an effective security program:

  1. What’s on the network?
  2. How are devices connected and communicating?
  3. What’s connected to the internet that shouldn’t be, and therefore opening the door for potential cyberattacks?

Guardian Community Edition (Guardian CE) delivers an easy way to answer these questions – for free.

A Powerful Free Tool that Leverages Proven Cyber Security Technology

The Nozomi Networks award-winning cyber security platform is used across multiple industries, from energy to manufacturing, transportation and more.

The same technology used by some of the world’s top oil and gas operators, electric utilities, mining operations and pharmaceutical companies is powering the new Guardian Community Edition.

This free, easy-to-use tool gives organizations of all shapes and sizes a safe way to begin expanding their security footprint to include OT and IoT assets. By providing the core backbone of an effective security program – visibility into OT and IoT assets within their operating environments, Guardian CE helps you:

  • Discover up to 1,000 OT and IoT assets
  • Map the OT and IoT assets on your network
  • See which OT assets are mistakenly connected to the Internet
  • Identify OT and IoT asset configuration issues

Designed by experts in operational technology and cyber security, Guardian CE gives you immediate visibility into your OT and IoT assets without disrupting your critical networks. This frees you up to focus on securing your environment, rather than figuring out what’s on it.

“Cyber security teams are challenged to gain visibility into these networks. But having visibility is the first step to securing them. We developed Guardian Community Edition to give the community a safe way to begin expanding their security footprint to include the OT and IoT assets in their networks.”

Andrea Carcano, Nozomi Networks Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

A Simple Upgrade Path to the Nozomi Networks Cyber Security Platform

Guardian CE’s functionality represents a subset of Nozomi Networks full operational visibility and cyber security technology. So when your security team is ready to take your OT and IoT cyber security program to the next level, the free visibility tool can be easily upgraded to the Nozomi Networks full solution suite.


  • Asset Discovery
  • Network Mapping & Visualization
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Threat and Anomaly Detection
  • Integrations with SIEMs, Firewalls, UTMs and more
  • Flexible Reporting and Dashboards


  • Asset Discovery
  • Network Mapping & Visualization

Nozomi Networks Guardian Community Edition provides visibility into OT and IoT networks. It uses passive, non-invasive technologies to detect devices operating within the environment and map the complete network, all without disrupting operations.