Nozomi Networks and IBM Team Up to Answer Demand for Integrated IT/OT Cyber Security

Nozomi Networks and IBM Team Up to Answer Demand for Integrated IT/OT Cyber Security

This article was updated on September 12, 2019.

We’re excited to tell you that Nozomi Networks and IBM Security have teamed up to address the exploding demand for effective, integrated IT/OT cyber security services and solutions. Together we give industrial organizations around the world easier access to deep OT network visibility and continuous threat detection.

IBM has been leading the way in operational security for many years. In 2015, they opened up their security intelligence library through the X-Force Exchange, providing broad access to information that could help organizations defend themselves against cyber crimes. In 2016, they launched Watson for Cyber Security – a cloud-based data-driven cognitive technology designed to uncover patterns and evidence of cyber threats and attacks. IBM QRadar Advisor, a core component of the Watson platform, was released last year to help security analysts tap Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate incident response. Fast forward to today, where IBM X-Force is a renowned security research, development and delivery division that monitors and analyzes risks, and delivers advanced threat intelligence to help fight emerging threats.

IBM Security is well known for providing one of the most advanced enterprise security portfolios available. IBM understands that given the complexity of today’s cyber threats, collaboration is the best way to stay ahead of emerging risks. That’s why it partners with governments, global analysis and information sharing centers, and security solution providers around the world to keep CISOs and other stakeholders abreast of current and emerging threats.

IBM X-Force is a renowned security research, development and delivery division that monitors risks, and delivers global threat intelligence to help fight against emerging security threats. The Nozomi Networks QRadar App is now available on the IBM X-Force Exchange.

“Our clients are deeply concerned about escalating threats and cyber risks to critical infrastructure and industrial operations. By partnering with Nozomi Networks, our customers immediately gain market-leading OT network monitoring and threat detection technology that is fully integrated with key IBM security services and platforms such as QRadar. This partnership makes it simple and fast for our customers to improve the visibility and cyber security of industrial networks through the largest global security provider.”

-Paul Garvey, Vice President, IBM Security Asia Pacific

Nozomi Networks QRadar Solution Now Available on IBM X-Force App Exchange

The new Nozomi Networks QRadar solution is now available for download on the IBM X-Force App Exchange. It provides deep visibility to OT network and assets and real time monitoring of cyber security threats and risks.  

The live-streaming app displays events detected by Nozomi Networks Guardian. The dashboard header provides important details at a glance – highlighting the number of events with a magnitude of 7+, the most used protocol and the most seen event name. Graphical charts provide details on event source and destination IP, while the most recent events are displayed in a live streaming list. The dashboard also supports drill down for deeper event investigation.

Integrated Cyber Security Solution on Display at RSA 2018 Asia Pac & Japan

Nozomi Networks is also collaborating with IBM at the RSA Conference being held in Singapore in July. Through a pre-conference workshop and an integrated IBM/Nozomi Networks IT/OT cyber security demo, RSA attendees will be able to see the solution’s deep industrial network visibility, non-intrusive monitoring, continuous threat detection and intelligent threat hunting capabilities firsthand, including:

  • Live Demos of IBM QRadar’s Integration with Nozomi Networks Guardian – the IBM-certified integration supports utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing and other industrial environments with advanced IT and OT security monitoring capabilities, including easy access to deep network visibility, non-intrusive monitoring, continuous threat detection, and intelligent ICS threat hunting capabilities
  • Enhanced Security Services for IT/OT convergence – learn how Nozomi Networks and IBM Security services are joining forces to provide best in class, value-added IT and OT security solutions
  • Nozomi Networks on the IBM X-Force App Exchange – Nozomi Networks Guardian is now certified by IBM and available via the Nozomi Networks QRadar App, available on the IBM X-Force App Exchange. The Nozomi Networks QRadar App makes it easy to seamlessly incorporate real-time operational visibility and industrial network monitoring in a comprehensive IT/OT cyber security program
  • A One Stop Solution Adding OT Visibility and Cyber Security – with the combination of Nozomi Networks solution and IBM’s IT/OT risk management portfolio.  

Expanding Nozomi Networks/IBM Relationship

Nozomi Networks and IBM already team up on joint customer engagements, so it makes perfect sense to extend the relationship to address the converging need for IT and OT cyber security.

In fact, our solution provides the common platform for IT and OT to monitor cyber and reliability risks. For OT, Nozomi Networks technology provides a no-process-risk solution that delivers comprehensive visibility to all ICS assets, rapid identification of threats, policy violations and reliability risks. For IT, it offers complete visibility to OT networks, consolidated information from multiple industrial facilities through a single monitoring tool, faster troubleshooting of OT incidents and seamless integration with QRadar and other IT applications.

“IBM is trusted worldwide for its strong IT security offerings. We’ve already worked together to deliver on a number of joint customer engagements including comprehensive managed security services and product engagements with a large North American manufacturer, a large Middle East utility and a top 5 global energy conglomerate. This new partnership accelerates our joint efforts to make OT infrastructure around the world safer. We look forward to debuting the joint solution at RSA in Singapore.”

-Obbe Knoop, VP Worldwide Sales, Nozomi Networks