Nozomi Networks Helps Build ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance

Nozomi Networks Helps Build ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance

After months of collaboration and planning with the International Society of Automation (ISA), Nozomi Networks is pleased to share that we are a Founding Member of ISA’s new Global Cybersecurity Alliance (GCA).

Working through ISA – having joined forces with Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and others – Nozomi Networks and the GCA group aim to advance cyber security education, readiness and knowledge-sharing in manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities and processes.

This new Alliance will leverage the collective power of the security, industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) communities to enhance manufacturing, process industries, commercial buildings, and critical infrastructure facilities. Its goal is to establish new and better ways to prevent, mitigate, and respond to catastrophic threats and attacks on safety, mission-critical assets, operations, and other applications.

Read on to learn more about how the GCA plans to strengthen industrial cyber security readiness worldwide.

Global Cybersecurity Alliance To Focus on Security Standards, Education & Collaboration

Out of the gate, GCA will focus on:

  • Accelerating the adoption of and compliance with global security standards
  • Progressing certification and educational programs for industry automation and cyber security professionals
  • Advocating and advancing thought leadership for more effective industrial cyber security worldwide

Nozomi Networks collaborated early with ISA and Schneider Electric on the Alliance. During this time, a few key pillars really resonated with us: facilitating a collaborative, inclusive Open Community; dedication to ANSI/ISA 62443 Standards; and featuring Education, Certification and Advocacy Programs. We believe these are key to the Alliance’s long-term successes. And especially while we’re in the initial stages of formation and formalization of efforts, now is the time for others to join the group.

An Active, Open Community

Similar to Nozomi Networks commitment to transparency and inclusiveness with our partners and customers, the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance has been organized to foster a truly open community that is actively collaborating to advance cyber security readiness and awareness in manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities and processes.

GCA brings together a global group of stakeholders from end-user organizations, control systems vendors, IT and OT infrastructure and cyber security providers, system integrators, and others affiliated with industries. The Alliance hopes to benefit everyone, especially the communities in which we operate and serve. Membership is open to all those with an interest in contributing to cyber resiliency. Annual contributions that go towards funding Alliance initiatives are based on company revenue, and are tax-deductible.

Dedicated to Standards

For years Nozomi Networks has been part of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Working Group 15 (WG15), the group responsible for developing end-to-end cyber security standards for power system communications protocols. ISA developed the ANSI/ISA 62443 series of automation and control systems cyber security standards, which were adopted by IEC, and endorsed by the United Nations. The series of standards approaches the cyber security challenge in a holistic way, helping bridge the gap between operations and information technology. You can expect the GCA will expand upon these standards and encourage industrywide adoption.

Focused on Education and Advocacy  

Through our collaboration with IEC and other standards bodies and industry organizations, Nozomi Networks has found that consistent reinforcement through education and advocacy is necessary to ensure healthy adoption of cyber security standards and best practices. GCA will prioritize efforts to increase awareness and expertise, share knowledge and information openly, and develop best practice tools to help companies navigate the entire lifecycle of cyber security protection. The Alliance will also work closely with government agencies, regulatory bodies, and stakeholder organizations around the world.

A Secure Future for the Industrial Infrastructure that Runs the World

Nozomi Networks believes active community collaboration, actionable standards and effective education are key to ensuring a secure future for industrial organizations. That’s why we’re helping to develop secure-by-design standards as a working member of IEC, why we’ve designed our industrial cyber security solutions for easy integration across the broadest possible set of industrial and IT technologies; and why we are thrilled to help establish the Global Cybersecurity Alliance. Together we will build a secure future for the industrial infrastructure that runs the world.