Nozomi OnePass: Flexible, Industry-first Subscription Pricing for Hardware and More

Nozomi OnePass: Flexible, Industry-first Subscription Pricing for Hardware and More

Today, Nozomi Networks is launching a revolutionary approach to licensing and pricing for the OT/IoT security industry: a new subscription model called Nozomi OnePass™. OnePass is a single subscription to all Nozomi Networks solutions, both hardware and software. It allows customers to build more flexible solutions to always meet their ever-changing needs, that they will never outgrow and that will never become obsolete. As the first of its kind in the industry to include all our hardware appliances, we are very excited to make this available to customers who need a more flexible model, and to open up new markets that would be challenged to budget under the traditional model.

Nozomi OnePass covers all hardware, software, support and optional subscriptions.
Nozomi OnePass covers all hardware, software, support and optional subscriptions.

Innovating with Hardware-as-a-Service

A key component of Nozomi OnePass is what the industry calls “Hardware as a Service” (HaaS), which now goes along with our existing Software as a Service (SaaS) model for on-premises and cloud-based solutions. OnePass is the first hardware subscription model in the OT and ICS security industry, and it will give customers an easier way to license and deploy any Nozomi Networks solution. Notably, other IT hardware manufacturers in other solution segments have made inroads in this area and are finding for many customers it can remove a lot of project risk and cost uncertainty in future years.

Hardware as a Service is rapidly becoming the platform consumption model of the future for many industries. It’s allowing customers to adopt a solution without the need to make a large capital expense on the purchase of the required hardware as part of the on-premises deployment, and without the need to define many of the hardware specifications or requirements during the early phases of the project.

Even though OnePass is designed so that customers can license the hardware, they don’t need to worry about maintenance, asset management, or replacement expenses. From the customer’s perspective, it will feel like a leasing model, for example, leasing a cell phone from your carrier. When your cellphone can no longer perform the task you need, you can upgrade for free to a more advanced product. You also don’t have to worry about high up-front costs to buy the cell phone. The cost of the hardware is just rolled into the cost for other services like support, cell phone service and data plan.

Nozomi Networks OnePass benefits.
Nozomi Networks OnePass benefits.

Nozomi OnePass Delivers Flexibility, Reduces Project Risk

Nozomi OnePass removes the possibility of expensive hardware appliances going obsolete, being outgrown, going end-of-life, or not supporting new required software features. Just dispose of them in the way that best aligns with your company policies and Nozomi Networks will replace them with the same or a better solution.

Scalable enterprise-wide cybersecurity deployments for critical OT and ICS environments have always relied on a combination of sophisticated software and virtual appliances, as well as specialized high-performance or ruggedized hardware components that address requirements that frequently change over time. Getting the exact hardware in place on Day 1 has always been a challenge. Most solution providers don’t want hardware back that you don’t need, or that you’ll quickly outgrow.

Nozomi OnePass takes the risk completely out of the hardware design. During the planning and deployment stages of a given site, the actual hardware needs will be defined. What used to be a headache, a change order, and an unplanned expense, now becomes a simple hardware order to which items can be added as needed. OnePass also eliminates the need for a lengthy CAPEX approval process, high up-front costs, and financial commitments into future years, as customers are always on a pay-as-you-grow model.

OnePass for the Entire Platform

The Nozomi OnePass model is the result of complementing our existing Vantage™ subscription model for cloud-hosted security infrastructure⁠—which can be bundled with optional subscriptions for asset and threat intelligence ⁠—with Hardware as a Service for Guardian hardware appliances. Nozomi OnePass now provides full platform access to all Nozomi solutions.

Nozomi OnePass will be rolled out through all channel partners and regions effective immediately. Customers are encouraged to adopt Vantage to track Guardian appliance licensing as part of the Nozomi OnePass subscription. At the time of quote, customers will be provided with a hardware allocation to cover the scale and complexity of their environment, which can later be used to order specific hardware appliances as deployment requirements are better understood. Customers will have a great deal more flexibility to make decisions once the project starts.


Nozomi OnePass is the best way forward for customers who want to license all Nozomi solutions today. We’re excited to roll this out to customers. Nozomi Networks will have a range of tools to help generate equivalent OnePass pricing for traditional up-front licensing costs, and we think you’ll like the options. For more information, or to get a quote for your environment, please reach out to your local Nozomi Networks representative.