Perspectives: Early Lead in Filling Global OT Security Demand

Perspectives: Early Lead in Filling Global OT Security Demand

Earlier this year when we declared 2019 the Year of Cyber Security, we underestimated just how quickly the market would grow. Mid-way through the year, Nozomi Networks has experienced a 500% revenue growth, as our list of industry-leading customers and expansion projects has exploded.

OT security is without a doubt a top priority for businesses worldwide; and a majority of buyers are now demanding IT/OT converged solutions.

Read on to find out why Nozomi Networks has secured a strong early lead in fulfilling the global demand for effective industrial security.

Nozomi Network is the Preferred OT Security Solution Among Industry Leaders

Today we have over 1,400 customer installations around the globe, supporting over 625,000 devices in facilities spanning five continents.

Also, at the end of June, we identified four key industries where Nozomi Networks has achieved early leadership.  We reviewed all companies in certain industry verticals by their global revenue and noticed that our rapidly growing list of customers now includes:

  • 6 of the world’s top 20 oil & gas organizations
  • 4 of the world’s top 10 utilities
  • 4 of the world’s top 10 mining operations
  • 4 of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies

These are sophisticated customers who surveyed the OT security marketplace, shortlisted the top vendors and conducted thorough RFP selection processes which included comprehensive technical bake-offs. Ultimately, they awarded their business to Nozomi Networks. No other ICS Security vendor can match this accomplishment! We are proud of our achievements, humbled by the trust the world’s top companies have placed in us, and more committed than ever to ensuring that customers achieve OT security resilience.

Our goal is to achieve industry leadership in all the verticals we serve today, which include chemicals, manufacturing, transportation, water, building automation, smart cities, and automated logistics.

In addition to being the trusted OT security provider for industry leaders around the world, I’m proud to report that we have maintained a 100% customer retention rate. And, while our new customer list expands, we are also seeing tremendous growth and expansion across our existing customer base.

So far this year we have over 200 Proof of Concept pilots in process, we have achieved an 80% win-rate and most of our installations support IT/OT converged and/or IoT initiatives. Additionally, analysts specializing in automation and industrial cybersecurity continue to profile Nozomi Networks, outlining the growth acceleration, the unique requirements, and the escalating threat landscape that our solutions address.

Nozomi Networks growth
Nozomi Networks has achieved 500% year over year growth and predicts that the OT cyber security market will exceed a 45% annual growth rate over the next five years.

The Best Solutions. The Best Technology. The Best User Experience. Guaranteed.

Nozomi Networks’ deep-rooted commitment to customer satisfactions lies at the heart of our success. It’s the philosophy that drives our R&D efforts. We work closely with our customers to understand their most demanding use cases and future requirements to deliver the best solutions, the best technology and the best user experience in the market.

As OT cyber security matures and crosses IT borders, we continue to expand the breadth and depth of our solutions to help customers keep up. With our summer 19.0 release, Nozomi Networks delivers deeper visibility into the world of converging networks and devices.

And, since industrial cyber security protection stretches far beyond SCADA, our latest release also included an upgrade to our product name. Guardian 19.0 (previously SCADAguardian) makes it possible for IT, OT and executive teams (or compliance teams) to see precisely what they need to see when they need to see it, to ensure the best possible cyber security posture for their critical operations.

Version 19.0 delivers:

  • The deepest visibility into even the most remote facilities and devices—new Remote Collectors provide a cost-effective, low-resource way to gather asset and network data from hard-to-reach locations like remote substations, wind farm turbines and oil pipelines.
  • Access to compliance and other reports in minutes—via a new built-in reports tool.
  • Faster threat detection and response—with new advanced alert management capabilities.
  • Fast access to specific data and insights—with new simplified custom queries.
  • Automated incident response and centralized access controls—via new integrations with Cisco and Aruba.

Defending the Industrial Community at Large Against Zero-Days & Other Attacks

This spring we formally launched Nozomi Networks Labs. Committed to helping defend the industrial systems that support everyday life, Labs shares its own research and collaborates with partners, peers, universities, government and institutional researchers.

Its goal is to arm the community with the information, tools and guidance needed to reduce cyber threats to industrial and critical national infrastructure.

Already, Labs contributions are paying off. To date, the team has made dozens of responsible vulnerability disclosures, resulting in 11 Department of Homeland Security ICS Cert Alerts. Labs researchers have delivered some of the industry’s most actionable research and tools on TRITON and GreyEnergy; and provided in-depth assessments and commentary on LockerGoga, Urgent/11, LookBack and other malware.

Charging into a Brave New World of IT/OT Converged Cyber Security

Gartner research predicts a rapidly expanding OT Cyber security market with a 45% annual growth rate over the next five years. We believe that number is even higher.

Based on our work with the world’s largest industrial companies and manufacturers, we’re seeing large-scale projects being planned around the globe and a desire to move quickly to protect all of their critical industrial assets. This often means hundreds of sites on multiple continents. We built Nozomi Networks to serve this explosive growth.

In a world that’s embracing digitization and IoT and quickly converging IT and OT, Nozomi Networks has secured an early market lead in oil and gas, utilities, mining, pharmaceuticals and other established industrial markets.

Our strategic advancements in IT/OT integrated technology and in-depth actionable research not only benefit our customers, but the industrial cyber security community at large. That, combined with a strong and loyal base of over 1,400 customer installations, has Nozomi Networks well positioned to extend our lead as we direct the charge into new markets where cyber risks have become a board-level concern.

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