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Nozomi Networks and TXOne Networks Team to Deliver Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions for Modern Industrial Environments

The combined solutions enable joint customers to detect and combat security threats at the network edge, safeguarding their OT and IoT environments

San Francisco/Taipei, November 16, 2021 — TXOne Networks, a global leader in ICS and Industrial IoT (IIoT) security, and Nozomi Networks Inc. today announced they have partnered to strengthen the cyber defense capabilities of their joint customers through a combination of high-performing cybersecurity solutions. Under the terms of the cooperation, Nozomi Networks’ Guardian sensors for deep OT and IoT network visibility and monitoring, and TXOne Networks’ OT Defense Console (ODC), the centralized console for their Edge series of next-generation IPS and firewalls, will be integrated via an Application Programming Interface (API). Customers gain fast, accurate threat detection and response without compromising the operational process.

“The boundaries between IT and OT have blurred, and it is difficult for companies to find solutions that ensure the cybersecurity of equipment while supporting the smooth operation of worksite equipment given the various constraints in OT. Customers do not only need OT visibility, but also protection in order to actually safeguard their plants and factories. So, securing IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) devices is a major challenge for manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators due to the unique needs of the industrial control environment,” says Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks. “The smooth combination and seamless integration enables our joint clients to safeguard their systems and fend off all kinds of cyberattacks. Joint customers will benefit from highly effective all-round protection. Together with Nozomi Networks we will continue to place our focus on simplifying the complex and fast-changing cybersecurity issues that organizations are facing at various phases of their digital transformation.”

The Nozomi Networks and TXOne Networks solutions complement each other in their ability to detect and take action on suspicious assets or activities. Once detected, a suspicious asset will be blocked on edge devices so that the OT network is protected. Subsequently, users have the option to either enforce the blocking of the suspicious assets immediately or wait for an administrator’s review and approval. ODC empowers users to manage TXOne Networks’ OT-native next-generation IPS and firewalls from a single centralized location, allowing streamlined coordination of signature-based virtual patching to defend assets against known threats. The console also gives administrators the ability to edit the OT protocol trust list to enable interactive interoperability between key production machine assets, as well as to deeply analyze L2-L7 networks by node group. Nozomi Networks’ Guardian sensors, including 21.2.0 and after support this certified integration.

Recognized as the market leader in OT and IoT security, Nozomi Networks is valued for superior operational visibility, advanced OT and IoT threat detection, and strength across deployments. Nozomi Networks solutions support more than 48 million devices in thousands of installations across energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, utilities, building automation, smart cities, and critical infrastructure. Nozomi Networks products are deployable onsite and in the cloud, and span IT, OT, and IoT to automate the hard work of inventorying, visualizing, and monitoring industrial control networks through the innovative use of artificial intelligence. Use cases stretch beyond cybersecurity and include troubleshooting, asset management and predictive maintenance.

TXOne Networks, a subsidiary company of Trend Micro offering cybersecurity solutions tailored to the protection of OT and ICS environments, has rapidly become one of the world’s foremost industrial cybersecurity brands. Common IT cybersecurity practices like clearly defined ownership, regular updates, and patches are often extremely challenging in the modern industrial environment. TXOne Networks has streamlined and resolved these issues by deploying first-of-its-kind technology. The company will continue to respond to new threats to the OT environment and support successful digital transformation. By combining accumulated operational expertise with AI technology, TXOne Networks can provide solutions customized to industrial environments and the IIoT. Only in this way can risks be minimized, mission-critical equipment be protected, and operational interruptions and loss of valuable data be avoided.

“At Nozomi Networks, we are pleased to work with TXOne Networks,” said Chet Namboodri, Senior Vice President of Business Development & Alliances. “TXOne Networks’ OT Defense Console (ODC) provides a centralized console for TXOne’s Edge series for IPS and firewalls. The combination of our offerings increases the stability and security of industrial networks by offering fast, accurate threat detection and response.”

TXOne Networks

At TXOne Networks, we offer practical cybersecurity solutions to protect industrial control systems, ensuring reliability and safety from cyberattacks in the industrial world. A subsidiary company of Trend Micro, we do our work with leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators, using that feedback and research to develop the best actionable approach. TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission critical devices in a real-time defense-in-depth manner.

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