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Nozomi Answers the Call for Advanced ICS Threat Detection and IT/OT Integration

Delivers the industry’s first hybrid ICS threat detection. Advances solutions for IT/OT integration; and offers industry’s only solution to support MSSPs with multitenant architecture.

SAN FRANCISCO, October 23, 2017 – Nozomi Networks Inc., the pioneer in real-time cyber security and operational visibility for industrial control systems (ICS), today announced its latest release of SCADAguardian and its Central Management Console (CMC). With this 17.5 release, Nozomi Networks delivers the most advanced ICS threat detection coupled with an API that enables OT/IT integration within organizations. The addition of a multitenant CMC opens a new market for Nozomi Networks to empower MSSPs with ICS monitoring and detection services. Amid escalating cyber-attacks that threaten critical infrastructure reliability, these new capabilities offer complete visibility to rapidly identify and respond to targeted attacks, ensure uptime and improve the resilience of operational technology environments.

“With this release, we’ve reinforced our commitment to meeting the needs of the world’s most demanding critical infrastructure operators.,” said Andrea Carcano, Nozomi Networks Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “By innovating a hybrid approach to ICS threat detection, we apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to correlate behavior-based anomaly and signature-based detection methods. Our customers can now detect and hunt for the most advanced threats. The open API and expanded integrations make it easier for customers to meet their goals for consolidated monitoring and detection across IT/OT cyber security domains.”

Nozomi Networks New SCADAguardian and Control Management Console Solution Architecture

The latest enhancements to SCADAguardian and the CMC include:

NEW Hybrid ICS Threat Detection
SCADAguardian’s advanced behavior-based anomaly detection is now enriched with signature and rules-based threat detection capabilities. This hybrid approach delivers the most comprehensive threat detection available for ICS systems. It goes beyond anomaly-only or rules-only analysis, leveraging artificial intelligence to correlate both methods and eliminate noise and identify true threats to industrial systems. This allows organizations to be as proactive as possible to stop or contain attacks.

NEW Multitenant ICS Cyber Security Protection
Nozomi Networks offers the first ICS cyber security and operational visibility solution to deliver a multitenant version of its Central Management Console. The new CMC enables Managed Security Service and Managed Detection and Response providers (MSSPs and MDRs) to extend their services to encompass monitoring and protections of industrial control networks.

NEW Open APIs and Protocol SDK for Easy IT/OT Integration and Extensibility
Expanding on its built-in integrations for firewalls, SIEMs and other IT security infrastructure, SCADAguardian now includes an Open API for the deepest possible integration with IT and ICS applications. Also, in addition to the dozens of protocols already supported by the Nozomi Network solution, now a new SDK for protocol integration makes it possible for operators and partners to support all protocols, proprietary or otherwise.

The Proven End-to-End Platform for ICS Cyber Security, Operational Reliability and Control
These latest capabilities creates a comprehensive set of modules delivering real-time ICS monitoring, industrial network visualization, hybrid ICS threat and anomaly detection, asset inventory and vulnerability assessment in a single solution. Visit Nozomi Networks’ product webpage to learn more.

This week’s product release comes on the heels of news that FireEye has partnered with Nozomi Networks to enhance its ICS monitoring and detection; and follows a record third quarter for the company. Nozomi Networks exceeded its Q3 forecast for customer growth, adding new customers in North America, Europe and the Middle East. In addition to announcing its new partnership with FireEye, the company strengthened key partnerships and expanded its overall partner program to include more than a dozen integrators and security specialists.

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