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Nozomi Networks Guardian NSG-M Receives ANSSI-CSPN Certification

The National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) has granted Nozomi Networks solution Guardian NSG-M first-level security certification (CSPN) for OT and IoT security

PARIS, 19 January 2022 Nozomi Networks, the leader in OT and IoT security, today announced its Guardian sensors have undergone rigorous auditing and testing by the French Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI) and been awarded the Security Visa for CSPN certification for its Guardian NSG-M (product version 21.3 certification report ANSSI-CSPN-2021/28). Guardian is the first OT and IoT security solution of its kind to be ANSSI-certified for its ability to deliver safe visibility, security and monitoring of OT, IoT, IT, edge and cloud assets.

“ANSSI standards for industrial control system cybersecurity are among the strongest standards in the world,” said Nozomi Networks Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Moreno Carullo. “CSPN certification attests to the high security and reliability of our Guardian solution, which allows customers worldwide to measure their risk exposure and potential operational anomalies. It gives industrial and critical infrastructure organizations the assurance that we meet very high security standards dictated by a national cybersecurity authority.”

The Security Visas issued by ANSSI make it possible to easily identify the most reliable solutions that are recognized after a thorough review performed by evaluation centers licensed in accordance with rigorous testing methods. In particular, this evaluation involves extensive penetration testing and in-depth analysis to make sure that the solution is compliant with. corresponding standards.

“The ANSSI certification is an important signal underlining the commitment of Nozomi Networks to its customers but also to its partners. This is particularly the case for the many partners who have selected the Guardian solution to develop an MSSP offer adapted to the industrial context and intended for critical operators and OIV customers. The use of a CSPN-certified OT sensor provides our MSSP partners with an additional guarantee of quality for their own customers,” said Vincent Dély, Director Technical Sales Engineering EMEA at Nozomi Networks.

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Nozomi Networks Guardian™ delivers visibility, security and monitoring of your OT, IoT, IT, edge and cloud assets. Guardian sensors send data to Vantage for consolidated security management anywhere, anytime from the cloud. They can also send data to the Central Management Console for aggregated data analysis on premises or in the public cloud. The world’s top companies rely on Guardian to protect their critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, building automation and other sites around the world.

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Nozomi Networks protects the world’s critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Our platform uniquely combines network and endpoint visibility, threat detection, and AI-powered analysis for faster, more effective incident response. Customers rely on us to minimize risk and complexity while maximizing operational resilience.

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