Understanding My Operational System Vulnerabilities


How Do You Know Which Vendor’s Sensors, Controllers and IoT Devices are Vulnerable?

Today’s connected and intelligent buildings contain thousands of devices from a variety of vendors. These include everything from thermostats to cameras to light sensors that provide data to HVAC, energy management systems, lighting control systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, elevator control systems and more.

Unfortunately, most of those controllers, sensors and IoT assets aren’t designed for the level of security now required to keep building occupants, data and systems safe. They are insecure by design – lacking authentication, encryption, and other security standards that typically apply to IT applications and systems.

Which leaves you wondering – which devices on your networks are vulnerable and in need of additional protection? And, which ones require firmware updates or other actions to close the door on cyber risks?


Automated Vulnerability Assessment Identifies At-risk Assets

Nozomi Networks Solution: Vulnerabilities List Automated vulnerability assessment helps you rapidly identify which vendor’s devices are at risk, and focus your remediation efforts on top priorities.
The Nozomi Networks solution addresses this operational challenge by automatically identifying your system vulnerabilities, identifying assets that need updates or special protection. It helps you answer questions such as:
  • Are devices from Vendor X vulnerable?
  • How many assets on our network are still running Windows XP?
  • Do I need to update certain devices because their firmware is vulnerable?
Utilizing the U.S. government’s NVD (National Vulnerability Database), it rapidly determines which devices are at risk. To help your security team prioritize high level exposure points, the solution displays all vulnerabilities by vendor, severity level and more – all in one dedicated view. Plus, it offers drilldown on each vulnerability for deeper troubleshooting and remediation assistance.

Automated OT/IoT Vulnerability Assessment

Vantage identifies all known vulnerabilities for devices on your network, while Smart Polling goes further to confirm the specific devices with unaddressed vulnerabilities. It discovers firmware, patch level and other device details not identified with passive analysis, and confirms which ones need attention.

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