Gain IT, IoT and OT Security Oversight

through integrations between Nozomi Networks and Cisco products.

The OT/IoT Security Challenge

In the past, operational technology networks were completely separated from information technology networks. But thanks to the power of digital transformation, OT, IoT and IT networks are converging at a rapid pace.

CISOs are now expected to manage and secure networks that span the entire organization.

The solution lies in seamlessly extending OT and IoT network visibility and cybersecurity capabilities to IT oversight.

Nozomi Networks + Cisco IT, OT, and IoT Solution

Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT networking, has fully tested Nozomi Networks technology. As the leader in OT and IoT visibility and security, our rich portfolio of integrations makes it easy to deploy solutions that specifically address the IT, OT, and IoT convergence challenge.

Cisco customers can leverage these integrations to rapidly extend network and cyber security management to include OT and IoT networks.

The four Nozomi Networks/Cisco integrations include:

  • Cisco ISE
  • Cisco ASA
  • Cisco FTD product platforms
  • Deployment of Nozomi Networks Guardian on Cisco CGR appliances

Together, Cisco and Nozomi Networks extend visibility deep into OT and IoT networks and enhance cyber resilience through integrated IT, OT, and IoT threat intelligence and cybersecurity.

Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) with pxGrid Certification

Know What OT and IoT Devices Are on Your Network

The integration between Cisco ISE and Nozomi Networks Guardian allows Cisco customers to extend network access controls and policy enforcement to their OT and IoT networks from Cisco ISE.

Nozomi Networks Guardian integrates with Cisco ISE using the pxGrid platform. When an anomalous device connects to the network, Guardian adds the endpoint to an Adaptive Network Control (ANC). The ISE policy engine evaluates the connection and takes protective actions against unauthorized devices or users trying to access the new device.

Example of a Guardian policy inserted into Cisco ISE. Click to enlarge.

Enhanced Operational Visibility

  • Bring policy-based segmentation and access control to IoT and OT networks
  • Gain situational awareness across all network environments
  • Easily manage contractors and guests visiting OT sites

Advanced Cyber Security

  • Enforce BYOD policies in your OT and IoT networks
  • Rapidly detect and respond to threats and anomalies with node blocking (quarantine and/or port shutdown) action as defined in your authorization policy
  • Secure wireless access and guest access with enforcement at the edge

Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance)

Allow Only Legitimate Traffic on Your Network

The integration between Cisco ASA and Nozomi Networks Guardian allows multi-threat firewall protection and policy enforcement to OT and IoT networks.

Examples of Guardian policies inserted into Cisco ASA. Click to enlarge.

Deeper Operational Visibility

  • Meet the unique needs of your network and data centers
  • Provide OT and IoT data to IPS, VPN, and unified communications capabilities
  • Add OT and IoT network graphing for enterprise-wide visualization

Rich Cyber Capabilities

  • Provide context awareness with identity-based firewall technology
  • Receive OT and IoT alerts about anomalies and incidents for policy enforcement/action
  • Quickly react to events with node blocking, link blocking, and session kill

Cisco FTD (Firepower Threat Defense)

Use Signatures to Block Malicious Traffic

The integration between Cisco FTD and Nozomi Networks Guardian allows Cisco customers to extend intrusion detection/prevention defense to their OT and IoT networks.

The Cisco FTD Configuration Section of Guardian. Click to enlarge.

Enterprise-wide Visibility

  • Get situational awareness of the enterprise – across all network environments
  • Map out and visualize your network and assets
  • Leverage your investment in Cisco FTD

Effective Cyber Security

  • Create policies that can kill the connection between any two devices based on Guardian reported event(s) and/or alert(s)
  • Limit disruption by integrating with existing IT and security tools
  • Streamline network management across all networks

Cisco CGR (Connected Grid Router)

Gain Asset Visibility, Vulnerability Assessment and More in Rugged Environments

Embedding the virtual machine version of Nozomi Networks Guardian in the compute module of the Cisco CGR allows Cisco customers to seamlessly gain OT and IoT visibility and cyber security.

This includes OT and IoT asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, and anomaly detection – all without the need for a new ruggedized device.

Enhanced System Awareness

  • Create and utilize network segmentation of users, devices, and applications
  • Know what OT and IoT assets exist in your company-wide networks
  • Streamline network management across all networks

Quickly Detect Anomalies & Threats

  • Maintain availability and uptime of your critical OT and IoT systems
  • Rapidly detect and respond to threats and anomalies
  • Reduce response time to active and emerging threats

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