Network Monitoring for Industrial Environments

What Is Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring is the process of capturing network traffic data, usually via a SPAN port or network TAP in industrial environments, to analyze it for security and operational anomalies. A good network monitoring solution offers a comprehensive network topology map with actionable security and operational insights from the data.

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Why Is OT Network Monitoring Important?

For industrial operators, one small change or networking issue can have a significant impact on product quality, production uptime and even plant safety. Network monitoring is a crucial component of any risk management plan.


But you can’t monitor and manage what you can’t see. To spot and troubleshoot networking and communication issues that threaten both cybersecurity and reliability, you need real-time visibility into your assets, connections, communications, protocols and more.

Benefits of Our Industrial Network Monitoring Solution

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Identify Cyberthreats & Operational Issues

Stay ahead of security threats and operational issues with our comprehensive deep packet inspection of a wide range of industrial, IoT and IT protocols.

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Detect Security Risks & Process Anomalies

Our AI/ML engine quickly uncovers the risks that matter most and delivers insights and diagnostic capabilities to keep your systems reliable and secure.

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Respond with Actionable Intelligence

Our dashboards, query capabilities, playbooks and forensic tools keep you focused on what matters to help coordinate remediation efforts across teams.

See Our Solution in Action

The Nozomi Networks solution continuously analyzes your network traffic, using the data to build a live, interactive visualization of your system.

The breadth and depth of information is often surprising, giving you visibility into aspects of the ICS you weren’t previously aware of.

Watch the video to learn how our solution quickly uncovers the security and operational issues that matter, including critical security alerts, traffic anomalies and networking issues. 

Easily Identify Network Security & Reliability Risks with Vantage

Vantage delivers advanced network visualization and monitoring capabilities. It helps you spot and investigate system changes and problems, and avoid expensive production downtime.

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