Vulnerability Management for OT & IoT Devices

Why Is OT Vulnerability Management Important?

Industrial networks can contain hundreds or thousands of devices from a variety of vendors, many of which are insecure by design – lacking authentication, encryption, and other security standards that typically apply to IT applications and systems. Identifying and prioritizing critical vulnerabilities in these devices is an important component of any risk management process.

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Benefits of Our OT Vulnerability Management Solution

Nozomi Networks Solution: Vulnerabilities List Automated vulnerability assessment helps you rapidly identify which vendor’s devices are at risk, and focus your remediation efforts on top priorities.
Identify Cyber Risks Nozomi Networks’ OT vulnerability management feature automatically identifies and scores open vulnerabilities on your devices. Utilizing NIST’s NVD (National Vulnerability Database) for standardized naming, description and scoring, it rapidly determines which devices are at risk. Respond with Actionable Intelligence To help your security team prioritize high level exposure points, our solution displays all vulnerabilities by vendor, severity level and more in a dedicated view. Plus, it offers drilldown on each vulnerability for deeper troubleshooting and remediation assistance.

Automated OT and IoT Vulnerability Assessment

Vantage identifies all known vulnerabilities for devices on your network, while Smart Polling uses low volume, active technologies to identify non-communicating assets, giving you visibility into rogue devices that don’t belong. And, it gathers extensive information about all assets, including operating system, firmware, patch levels and more, to help you identify weak spots before they’re exploited.

Defending Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Risk

Nozomi Networks Labs is dedicated to reducing cyber risk for the world’s industrial and critical infrastructure organizations. Through our cybersecurity research and collaboration with industry and institutions, we’re helping defend the operational systems that support everyday life.

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