Monitoring Secure Remote Access

Monitoring Secure Remote Access

Securing Remote Access to Your Critical OT Networks

Many organizations have shifted a significant portion of their employees to a remote workforce. While this has enabled operations to continue during the extreme physical distancing conditions created by the coronavirus, it has also exposed many critical OT systems to new risks.

One of the primary risks involves remote workers accessing business systems via personal devices from home, that have limited security controls such as minimal endpoint protection or network firewalls. For years, bad actors have targeted remote users with credential-stealing malware that harvests access credentials, enabling them to penetrate the network by posing as authorized users.

Continuously Monitoring Remote Access for Anomalous Behavior

The Nozomi Networks solution continuously monitors remote access activity to detect anomalous activity related to stolen credentials before operations are disrupted. It quickly identifies anomalous remote activity that can evade detection by other monitoring tools. Examples include an abnormally high number of remote connections, the use of unusual protocols in those connections, and atypical behavior of the remote user.

The solution also provides detailed visibility into each remote connection: Every system inside your network that a remote user connects to, the protocols used, network zones or VLANs traversed, and any configuration or firmware changes made to any of those systems. In addition, the solution detects anomalous activity of assets in your network that may have been previously compromised, enabling you to remediate the issue before it can interfere with operations.

The Nozomi Networks solution integrates with remote access management tools including those provided by our partners Pulse Secure, TDi, and Vectra. This allows cybersecurity and operations teams to secure almost any type of remote access to their converged OT/IoT environments, including VPNs, terminal servers, jump servers, and clientless remote desktops.

Additionally, because the Nozomi Networks solution shares its industry-leading asset knowledge with partner technology, security teams can make better decisions around the access privileges being granted.

As new devices appear in the OT/IoT environment, our solution understands what normal and anomalous behavior is, and monitors all access to the critical infrastructure from those objects. This reduces demands on the cybersecurity and operations teams for both implementing access rights and monitoring cybersecurity.

Real-time monitoring of devices
Real-time monitoring of devices and communications identifies assets that are behaving differently, and unusual process variable values that might indicate a reliability issue.

Focus on the OT and IoT Incidents that Matter with Asset Intelligence

A Nozomi Networks Asset Intelligence subscription delivers ongoing asset profiles for accurate anomaly detection in mixed environments. It eliminates alerts caused by benign anomalous activity and results in focused, actionable alerts that speed incident response and enhance productivity.

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