What's New in Nozomi Networks' Version 23.0?

What's New in Nozomi Networks' Version 23.0?

Guardian, Remote Collector, and Central Management Console (CMC), Nozomi Networks’ on-premises solutions, are continuously enhanced with new features and functionalities to meet our customers’ needs. We are excited to announce the release of version 23.0.0 and to highlight a few of the additions within.

In this release, enhancements to our on-premises solutions help accelerate operational response and reduce risks. Below, we share new key features that help administrators manage asset credentials, extract more asset information, analyze malicious files, and implement guided incident remediation.

Accelerate Operational Response with Playbooks

Previously only available with Vantage, Playbooks are now available with Guardian. Playbooks can help security teams correctly address incidents faster, while ensuring that regulatory compliance requirements are met. With Playbooks, administrators can define corporate policies to help standardize, guide and coordinate remediation efforts across teams for a consistent security alerts and incidents response.

Increase Threat Awareness by Downloading Malicious Files

With release of version 23.0.0, users will be able to download malicious file that have triggered an alert, to undergo further analysis by third-party tools or by specialized teams, or for cataloging and future reference. The malicious file will be zipped and password-protected to secure the contents until the user is ready to review. This enables users to further understand the threat, the actors, and the campaigns they may be facing, and to take the appropriate preventive and corrective actions.

Download malicious files

Save Time with Centralized Credential Management

Managing the numerous credentials to your assets is now easier with Nozomi Networks’ Credentials Manager. The Credentials Manager enables users to securely store and manage asset credentials in one centralized location. Users can store, update, import or delete asset credentials as needed. When a modification is made to the credentials of any asset, such as an update to a username, password, IP address, etc., the change is applied everywhere the credential is used, which helps eliminate asset monitoring issues related to outdated credentials. The Credentials Manager saves time for users when leveraging the bulk-importing feature to configure asset monitoring for a large number of assets.

Credentials Manager - Smart Polling

Automate Active Asset Monitoring with Smart Polling’s Progressive Mode

Smart Polling enhances the asset information extracted by Guardian’s passive monitoring with additional asset information that can only be gathered by selective probing of network assets. Users can leverage Progressive Mode to automatically configure Smart Polling for actively monitoring their passively discovered assets by their communications protocol.

To learn more about the enhancements in release version 23.0.0, please contact your Nozomi Networks representative.