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OT & IoT Security News

New Malware Tools Pose ‘Clear and Present Threat’ to ICS Environments

Danielle Jablanski, OT cybersecurity strategist at Nozomi Networks, says the combined tools in this case were built to search for specific devices, to understand their operational parameters, to gain credentialed access, and to remotely control various legitimate functions of the devices for their intended objectives. “These are customizable based on the devices targeted but can be modified to target additional devices that leverage the same protocols,” she says.

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Hiding In Plain Sight: the IIoT Attack vector and Its Specialist Cure

At any scale, IIoT and IoT devices are proliferating on companies’ networks, and like Andrea said, the majority are networked as an afterthought, or at least, networked without security front-of-mind during the design process. As an unmitigated attack vector, it’s a source of threats that can only grow. To get your IIoT estate at least on par with the rest of your “traditional” IT cybersecurity, use Nozomi Networks’ expertize.

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The US State of Emergency for critical infrastructure.

“What I find more interesting is that we are shifting from what traditional military defense is (defending the land) to a cyber defense that not only involves military but corporations as well. Corporations are realizing that they can’t sit this one out.

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Stream “Russia: The Cyber Threat”

A deep dive into Russia’s longstanding history of cyberattacks, including new threats of cyber warfare that have arisen since the attack on Ukraine. Will Russia shift its vengeance to the United States?

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Ciberguerra: conflito entre Rússia e Ucrânia impacta resiliência cibernética

Na visão de Nycholas Szucko, Regional Sales Director South LATAM da Nozomi Networks, para evitar a interrupção da cadeia de suprimentos e ataques cibernéticos às infraestruturas críticas, é preciso pensar em pilares estratégicos de proteção, especialmente em um cenário de ciberguerra. “Inventário e visibilidade total de ambientes, dispositivos e aplicações, tanto nas infraestruturas OT, quanto na TI e na IoT, além de planos de continuidade de negócios, são pontos essenciais para as empresas brasileiras que atuam em missão crítica”, alerta o executivo.

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Attacco hacker a Toyota, cosa è successo?

Rich Armor di Nozomi Networks conosce bene il settore automotive, avendo in passato ricoperto il ruolo di CISO di General Motors. Ha quindi seguito attentamente l’attacco subito da Toyota, riportato da Reuters. Che è arrivato poco dopo che il Giappone ha annunciato che avrebbe boicottato la Russia a seguito dell’invasione dell’Ucraina.

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Whether Ukraine is in a ‘cyberwar’ or not, it’s getting bad

There are other potential reasons for holding back details on cyberattacks for the moment, too. Simply put, cyber incidents during war “have the potential to augment fear, uncertainty and doubt” in a populace that is already overwhelmed, said Danielle Jablanski, OT cybersecurity strategist at Nozomi Networks.

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Un approccio open source alla condivisione delle informazioni sulla cybersecurity

Già in passato, discutendo della necessità di una piattaforma di condivisione delle informazioni sulla cybersecurity con il governo (o qualsiasi altro organismo di coordinamento), è emerso il motivo per cui una soluzione aperta è il miglior approccio possibile per garantire il massimo grado di sicurezza informatica e la conformità agli standard, consentendo al contempo alla comunità di avere la libertà di decidere quale piattaforma di monitoraggio della sicurezza informatica adottare.

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Toyota suspends production over cyber attack, Japanese Government investigating

Chris Grove, product director at software security company Nozomi Networks, said most attackers don’t fully understand the implications of their actions. “This shutdown of a third of Toyota’s global production should serve as a stark reminder on the complexities of our supply chains, how interdependent these systems are on each other, and the dangers criminals pose to society when they detonate malware in targeted systems,” Grove said.

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