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Two billion critical infrastructure devices at risk of hacking

Urgent/11 vulnerabilities affects several devices we can find in our daily lives, especially in healthcare. In fact VxWorks is an operating system commonly used in real-time devices like MRI machines and patient monitors. Attacking these kinds of devices can lead to critical impacts like changing the behaviour of those devices and providing wrong information to doctors/patients.

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Siemens SCALANCE X Switches Vulnerable to DoS Attacks

According to advisories published by Siemens and the DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), SCALANCE X-200 switches are affected by a security hole that allows an unauthenticated attacker to cause a device to enter a DoS condition by repeatedly sending large message packets to the Telnet service.The vulnerability was reported to Siemens by industrial cybersecurity firm Nozomi Networks.

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Nozomi Networks, especialista en ciberseguridad industrial, llega a México

Nozomi Networks anunció su inicio de operaciones en México. La marca es especialista en soluciones de seguridad cibernética en Sistemas de Control Industrial, (ICS, por sus siglas en inglés), teniendo un enfoque especial a industrias mexicanas de automatización industrial, como manufactura, energía, constructoras y petroquímica, entre otras.

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Nozomi Networks Issues Major Update, Expanded Cybersecurity Solution

Nozomi aims to greatly improve operator effectiveness and bridge the gap between the converging domains of information technology and operational technology (IT and OT), and the rapidly growing world of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Version 19.0 of Guardian promises a more holistic approach to cybersecurity that addresses some of the more specific aspects of IoT such as remote monitoring of distributed assets, expanded protocol support, and more effective visualization of alerts.

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Why Hackers Abuse Active Directory

In April, researchers Oleg Kolesnikov and Harshvardhan Parashar at Securonix reported other attacks that infected organizations with LockerGoga also tapped Active Directory. “In some incidents, the actors have also been using Active Directory management services to distribute the payload in the network,” they wrote, referencing additional research conducted by Nozomi Networks.

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How vulnerable is the US electric grid this summer?

What is the likelihood of a cyberattack on the U.S. electric grid this summer?  This answer to this is complex as there are a number of aspects that factor into it.  To evaluate this, we must consider the types of threat actors, the types of threats and the target – the U.S. electric grid.

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Eighty-Two Percent of Organizations are Embracing IT/OT Collaboration, But Still Falling Short on OT Visibility

Analyst firm Forrester, along with Nozomi Networks, recently conducted a webinar for ICS industry experts and vendor audiences alike. The webinar’s main focus was to educate viewers on how to protect industrial infrastructures from cyberattacks, and how to achieve full visibility across both your IT and OT networks. A poll taken during the webinar revealed that while the majority of industrial organizations are embracing IT/OT collaboration, many are falling short when it comes to achieving OT network visibility – an issue that needs to be addressed.

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Deliver Us From Evil: How ICS Security and AI-Enabled Cyber Protection Can Protect Industrial Assets from Attack

We spoke to Kim Legelis, CMO at Nozomi Networks, who described the convergence of IT (information technologies) and OT (operational technologies) that we are currently undergoing. Nozomi is able to collect OT data at a large scale, using AI to discover cyber threats as well as create wider operational efficiencies within partner organizations (which include utilities such as Enel, as well as multiple large oil & gas companies). This secondary use of cyber data can create new markets for cyber monitoring companies such as Nozomi, where the data they collect can be harvested for optimization efficiencies in multiple business areas.

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US Government Makes Surprise Move to Secure Power Grid From Cyberattacks

Indeed, Andrea Carcano, CPO and co-founder of Nozomi Networks says the move by the U.S. government is “surprising. By reverting back to manual controls and removing automation, there will be consequences on the overall running of the power grid and more humans will be required to operate plant machinery which could impact safety.”

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Schnelle Kommunikationsnetze gefragt

Das „Industrial IoT“ (IIoT) ist auf schnelle Kommunikationsnetze angewiesen. Somit ebnet 5G den Weg in ein neues Zeitalter von Industrie 4.0. Laut Will Stefan Roth stellt „5G“ die schnellen Netze zur Verfügung, die man für das Internet der Dinge braucht. Und ganz sicher wird diese Eigenschaft dazu beitragen, Industrie 4.0-Initiativen weiter voranzutreiben: „5G wurde aus dem unstillbaren Datenhunger unseres Zeitalters geboren. Die industrielle Produktion bildet da keine Ausnahme. Unternehmen befinden sich mitten im Prozess der Digitalisierung und schreiten darin weiter voran. Gleichzeitig suchen sie nach Technologien mit denen sie den wachsenden Fachkräftemangel und die klaffende Qualifizierungslücke überbrücken können.“

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Successful cybersecurity depends on up-to-date intelligence

Edgard Capdevielle, CEO of Nozomi Networks Inc., reports his company’s strategy is to connect with industrial networks without being intrusive, listen to their processes, build a baseline of the system’s behavior and operating range, and inform clients when its goes outside it normal behavior.

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