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IBM And Oracle Could Buy Growth From These 4 Startup CEOs Who’ve Raised $192M

A startup’s first customers and investors are likely to sign on because of personal relationships with the founders, and stay because the startup makes them better off…Edgard Capdevielle, CEO of Nozomi Networks, a San Francisco-based supplier of cybersecurity solutions for industrial control systems — raised $22.5 million. Cofounders Andrea Carcano and Moreno Carullo got Nozomi’s first customers this way and won initial capital from a government-funded competition.

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Nozomi Networks teams up with IBM to Answer Demand for Integrated IT/OT Cyber Security

With Operational Technology (OT) attacks on the rise, Nozomi Networks and IBM earlier this week announced that they have teamed up to bring industrial organizations around the world easier access to deep OT network visibility and continuous threat detection. The news follows recent warning from various bodies – including the UK’s NCSC and the US’ DHS and FBI of an increased treat to critical infrastructures  which could potentially cause damage far beyond the obvious economic impact.

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Attackers can easily find vulnerabilities within CNI with OSS tools

Nozomi researchers recently embarked on a project to create a security testing and fuzzing tool, using OSS, capable of automatically finding vulnerabilities in proprietary protocols used by ICS devices – such as PLCs, remote terminal units (RTUs), etc. Using just this OSS tool, and in a limited time period, Nozomi’s researchers were able to identify eight zero-day vulnerabilities within PLCs affecting a number of vendors.

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VEC recognized for cybersecurity innovation and excellence

“Serving our customers with reliable electric service is our number one objective,” said Kris Smith, Manager of Operations Engineering, Vermont Electric Cooperative.  “With technology from Nozomi Networks, I sleep better at night knowing my critical operations are protected.”

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Successful cybersecurity depends on up-to-date intelligence

Similarly, Edgard Capdevielle, CEO of Nozomi Networks Inc., reports his company’s strategy is to connect with industrial networks without being intrusive, listen to their processes, build a baseline of the system’s behavior and operating range, and inform clients when its goes outside it normal behavior.

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Army Boss: Transport Infrastructure at Risk of Cyber-Attack

“The challenge for those charged with protecting our critical infrastructure is visibility, as you can’t protect what you don’t know exists. Some 80% of the industrial facilities we visit do not have up-to-date lists of assets or network diagrams,” he continued.

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Cyber attack warnings highlight need to be prepared

Nozomi researchers created a security testing and fuzzing tool, using open source software, that is capable of automatically finding vulnerabilities in proprietary protocols used by industrial control system (ICS) devices. “Using just this tool, and in a limited time period, they identified eight zero-day vulnerabilities that, if exploited, could be used to shut down the controllers, making the devices unmanageable, and even potentially corrupt normal processes, which could be extremely serious or even fatal,” said Carcano.

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