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Army Boss: Transport Infrastructure at Risk of Cyber-Attack

“The challenge for those charged with protecting our critical infrastructure is visibility, as you can’t protect what you don’t know exists. Some 80% of the industrial facilities we visit do not have up-to-date lists of assets or network diagrams,” he continued.

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Cyber attack warnings highlight need to be prepared

Nozomi researchers created a security testing and fuzzing tool, using open source software, that is capable of automatically finding vulnerabilities in proprietary protocols used by industrial control system (ICS) devices. “Using just this tool, and in a limited time period, they identified eight zero-day vulnerabilities that, if exploited, could be used to shut down the controllers, making the devices unmanageable, and even potentially corrupt normal processes, which could be extremely serious or even fatal,” said Carcano.

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Nozomi Networks Continues Aggressive Expansion to Meet Demand for Critical Infrastructure Security

New product enhancements in Nozomi Networks’ latest release include high-availability features (HA) to meet the rigorous needs of large-scale global deployments.  Expansion of the company’s global partner network better enables IT/OT integration in customer deployments; and new global expansion provide CIOs and CISOs around the world with the security expertise they need to better manage and reduce their OT risks while addressing infrastructure security.

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GE Releases PACSystems Firmware

GE released new firmware to mitigate an improper input validation vulnerability in its PACSystems CPE305/310, CPE330, CPE400, RSTi-EP CPE 100, CPU320/CRU320, RXi, according to a report with NCCIC. Successful exploitation of this remotely exploitable vulnerability, discovered by Younes Dragoni of Nozomi Networks, could cause the device to reboot and change its state, causing the device to become unavailable.

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Wer Aufzug fährt, der lebt gefährlich

Aufzüge stehen still, wenn der böse Hacker es will. Diese und andere “hybride Bedrohungen” wurden kürzlich im Rahmen eines Verfassungsschutz-Symposiums in Berlin thematisiert. Welches Ungemach Betreibern kritischer Energieinfrastrukturen droht und was dagegen zu tun ist, kommentiert Will Stefan Roth von Nozomi Networks.

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Cybersicherheit: Angriff auf deutsche Stromlieferanten

Energieversorger und Netzbetreiber sollten zeitgemäße Sicherheitsmaßnahmen umsetzen und neuartige Ansätze bei der Implementierung in Betracht ziehen. Man muss allerdings einräumen, dass sich trotz aller Unkenrufe die deutschen Unternehmen und Betreiber der Lage sehr wohl bewusst sind und damit begonnen haben, Budgets in weit größerem Ausmaß als noch vor Kurzem für Cybersicherheitsprojekte in den beschriebenen Bereichen bereitzustellen.

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