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Nozomi Networks reconstructs channel program as new ADVantage Partner Program

“Vantage has been a complete game changer for us as a business,” Foreman said. “It gives partners the ability to offer managed services around Nozomi. That’s a key differentiator for us in the market, because it lets customers manage their OT environments in the cloud. Not every OT customer is ready for that, but some are.”

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Kaseya Starts Recovery After REvil Attack

It remains to be seen what long-term impact these breaches are likely to have on security beyond launching security audits of the IT supply chain, said Chris Grove, technology evangelist for Nozomi Networks, a provider of network monitoring security tools. “Those are the typical knee-jerk reactions,” he said.

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IT Software Firm Kaseya Hit By Supply Chain Ransomware Attack

“These types of technology management solutions can have high concentrations of risk due to their large collection of enterprise accounts with elevated privileges, unrestricted firewall rules needed for them to operate, and a cultural ‘trust’ that the traffic to/from them is legitimate and should be allowed.”

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Protecting Asia Pacific’s CCTV surveillance systems

The Verkada attack has casted a spotlight on the safety of surveillance systems. Asia Pacific is primed to protect its surveillance systems since spending on cybersecurity is expected to increase by 12.6 percent this year. However, an organisation’s ability to harness existing cybersecurity tools and practices in the surveillance arena will be crucial for the region to continue providing safe surveillance to its citizens.

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F-35A, a project in Mendrisio

The choice of the F-35A made official on Wednesday by the Federal Council will have repercussions in terms of industrial compensation, and among the beneficiaries there is also a company from Mendrisio. This is Nozomi Networks, born in Ticino in 2013 and specialized in IT security. The company was identified by the American manufacturer Lockheed Martin, manufacturer of military fighters, for a particular task.

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COVID-19 digitization in maritime: understanding cyber risks

In the words of Andrea Carcano, co-founder of Nozomi Networks, “Technology is available to give asset owners the insight they need into their devices, connections, and communications. With the right technology and a focus on best practices, maritime organizations can increase operational resiliency.”

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SolarWinds Fallout: Are SBOMs The Answer?

Ivan Speziale, a Nozomi Networks Labs’ security researcher, added: “The devil is in the details. A software deliverable is composed of many subcomponents, which in turn are composed of additional subcomponents. Where do you stop tracking those?

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Cyber threats to industrial and critical infrastructure reaches all-time high

A new report from Nozomi Networks Labs provides an overview of the most significant threats and vulnerability trends of recent months and provides actionable insights and recommendations for securing operational systems. In surveying the threat landscape, the company says that two types of threat stand out – supply chain and persistent ransomware.

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Hacker allegedly tried to poison San Francisco Bay Area water supply

While it’s important to keep an eye on major events, we should also avoid oversensationalized headlines intended to spread fear,” Chris Grove, technology evangelist at critical infrastructure security specialist Nozomi Networks Inc., told SiliconANGLE. “Some headlines are taking the action of deleting code and jumping to attempted mass poisoning. There was not an attempt at poisoning the water supply.”

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IoT Supply Chain Bug Hits Millions of Cameras

Security experts have warned of a critical IoT supply chain vulnerability that may affect millions of connected cameras globally, allowing attackers to hijack video streams. Nozomi Networks revealed the flaw in a popular software component from ThroughTek, which OEMs use to manufacture IP cameras, baby and pet monitoring cameras, and robotic and battery devices.

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Slack Stock – Cybersecurity

CISA’s weekly vulnerability summary included eleven given a rating of “high severity.” Among the alerts CISA issued was one concerning a vulnerability in ThroughTech’s P2P Software Development Kit, a supply chain risk for networked camera vendors who use the P2P SDK. The risk the vulnerability poses is unauthorized viewing of video. Nozomi has published an account of the issue: it’s difficult for users to determine the provenance of the software in their systems.

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