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Le vulnerabilità critiche in ambito manufacturing sono aumentate del 148% nella prima metà del 2021, il Ransomware as a Service alimenta gli attacchi e le telecamere di sicurezza IoT mostrano i loro punti deboli. Questi sono alcuni dei dati rilevati nel report pubblicato nel mese di luglio da Nozomi Networks Labs dal titolo OT/IoT Security Report.

The Homeland Security Investigation agents say an unnamed Oahu-based private company that manages the cable was targeted by an international hacking group, but did not provide more details on the nationality or other specifics of the actors.

Danielle Jablanski, OT cybersecurity strategist at Nozomi Networks, says the combined tools in this case were built to search for specific devices, to understand their operational parameters, to gain credentialed access, and to remotely control various legitimate functions of the devices for their intended objectives. “These are customizable based on the devices targeted but can be modified to target additional devices that leverage the same protocols,” she says.

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