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Pharma Cyber Security: How to Tackle Malware Threats

Pharmaceutical companies are rapidly embracing digital transformation and innovative technologies to gain operational efficiencies. However, both automation and outsourcing increase cyber risk.

Where do the biggest security gaps lie? In the expanding threat surface created by increased connectivity between pharma’s IT, IoT, OT and cyber-physical systems.

Meet Guardian Community Edition – a Free Tool for OT & IoT Security

Without visibility into your operational assets, you can’t answer three fundamental questions: what’s on your network, how are devices communicating, and is there anything connected to the internet that shouldn’t be?

To encourage more organizations to include OT and IoT assets in their security monitoring programs, we’ve released Guardian Community Edition (Guardian CE) – a free tool that provides visibility into these critical assets.

Powerful Forces Are Reshaping Continuous OT Monitoring Requirements

Three powerful developments are reshaping the world’s continuous OT monitoring requirements: the rapid convergence of IT/OT security, broader use of corporate SOCs and external security providers, and accelerating digital transformation.

Join ARC Advisory Group Vice President Sid Snitkin as he explores the impact each trend is having on core cyber security needs.

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URGENT/11 – New ICS Threat Signatures by Nozomi Networks Labs

A well-known RTOS (Real-Time Operating System), widely used in industrial sectors, is at risk from a series of 11 vulnerabilities dubbed URGENT/11.

Nozomi Networks Labs conducted research on the vulnerable devices and has released threat signatures for URGENT/11 that identify threats in typical industrial networks without generating high numbers of false positive alerts.