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Deep IBM Collaboration Delivers Unified IT and OT Cyber Security

Senior executives at industrial and OT organizations increasingly need to understand the full scope of their cyber risks. However, their confidence with current monitoring for OT/IoT systems is typically low.

To help tackle this challenge, IBM and Nozomi Networks are expanding the capabilities and solutions we offer together to deliver unified IT, IoT, and OT cyber security.

LookBack Malware Targets More Than a Dozen Utilities

The Wall Street Journal reported that more than a dozen U.S. utilities were targeted in the LookBack attack first revealed in August. Originally, security researchers divulged the details of a spearphishing campaign targeting three different United States utility companies. Now The Wall Street Journal has disclosed that FBI investigations have determined that hackers “homed in on smaller electricity providers in proximity to critical infrastructure.”

Here’s what we now know about the LookBack malware campaign.

Pharma Cyber Security: How to Tackle Malware Threats

Pharmaceutical companies are rapidly embracing digital transformation and innovative technologies to gain operational efficiencies. However, both automation and outsourcing increase cyber risk.

Where do the biggest security gaps lie? In the expanding threat surface created by increased connectivity between pharma’s IT, IoT, OT and cyber-physical systems.

Recent Labs Posts

URGENT/11 – New ICS Threat Signatures by Nozomi Networks Labs

A well-known RTOS (Real-Time Operating System), widely used in industrial sectors, is at risk from a series of 11 vulnerabilities dubbed URGENT/11.

Nozomi Networks Labs conducted research on the vulnerable devices and has released threat signatures for URGENT/11 that identify threats in typical industrial networks without generating high numbers of false positive alerts.