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5 Things to Consider for Your ICS Security Proof of Concept

Leading a successful cyber security solution PoC takes a laser-like focus on project management (aka scoping, scheduling and herding cats), along with softer skills like relationship building, negotiation and patience.
I’ve often been asked about the most important considerations in planning for an ICS Proof of Concept. From use cases to subjective metrics to scope creep, read on to learn what I think matters the most.

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Nozomi Networks Labs Enhances Radamsa for Safer ICS Software

Nozomi Networks Labs is committed to conducting cyber security research that makes industrial organizations more secure. Our latest project involves enhancing Radamsa, an open source fuzzing tool for testing software.

Our new code makes it faster and easier to test devices that communicate over industrial networks, such as PLCs and RTUs, for security vulnerabilities.